Why you need a term base when translating your product into foreign language


Product translation into foreign languages. What is a term base and why you need it

When you launch your product into a new market and make translation of its content, it is very important to create term base before starting the translation. Term base creation and its management is one of the basics of high-quality product translation. The absence of the term base could lead to poor-quality translation, which in turn can lead you to substantial image loss.


So, term base creation for your product. What it gives to you:

  1. Homogeneity of product translation. And the ability to control it. If you translate your product into foreign language for the first time, FinTranslation always creates a term base for your project, which we agree with you. Then we use it in the translation process and control the quality during the translation, as well as at the editing stage.


For example, in the term base we agreed that the term “Договор” (“Agreement”) should be translated from Russian into English as “Agreement”. It means that you get translated text in English, in which this term throughout all the text will be translated as “Agreement”. If you have not created base term, then you run the risk of getting translation in which at the beginning of the text “Договор” will be translated as “Treaty”, in the middle of the text as “Agreement” and at the end of the text as “Contract”. If this is one of the key terms of your product you should put it in the term base to use throughout the text one version of its translation.


  1. Homogeneity of product translation across all channels. This concerns mainly website translations, as well as translation of marketing and specialized product documentation. Creation and management of term base allows you to use the same terms in all the channels you use to communicate your product: website, product catalogue, brochures, magazines, etc.


  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you promote your product through the Internet creation of term base is closely connected with selection of keywords for SEO. Before we start website translation, our experts analyze the keywords for you product, which we take into account when preparing term base, and of course, during all the process of translation and editing. Thus, you get not just a website in a foreign language, but effective one, which is optimized for search engines of Google or Yahoo, which will affect the visibility of your website in search results.


We provide services of term base creation and updating free of charge within the framework of product translation project. After the product translation finished term base with the translated product itself is sent to the customer.



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