Financial documents translation

Any company has its own set of financial documents and financial contant generated during years of operation.

Now when it comes to international cooperation, investments, mergers and acquisitions processes all these financial documents should be understood by foreign parties and translated into foreign language.

Financial materials translation requires to be accurate, very often in line with local law and regulations and only financial subject matter experts can do the job on the higherst level of quality.

In FinTranslation we specialize in financial translations of the following financial materials:

  • Financial statements
  • Information for shareholders and partners
  • Macroeconomic surveys
  • Audit reports
  • Corporate documentation
  • Loan agreements, leasing agreements, collateral agreements, surety agreements
  • Bank documents
  • Business plans, loan applications
  • Marketing materials on financial services
  • Website content for financial services


We ensure the confidentiality of the information contained in the translated documents.


Our language pairs:

professional translation from English into Russian

professional translation from English into Ukrainian

professional translation from English to Polish

professional translation from Polish into Russian

professional translation from Polish into Ukrainian

professional translation from Ukrainian into Polish

professional translation from Russian into Polish


Why us:

  • professional translation services. All our translators are qualified native speakers who have more than 5 years of experience in the industry (banks, audit companies). All our translators have been tested as for language skills and knowledge of terminology in the subject area.
  • quality control. Every translation passes through internal assessment of quality before sent to the customer. You can read more about quality control in FinTranslation here: Quality Control


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