Translation of conference materials

In FinTranslation, we specialize in translation of conference materials for industries like Finance, Banking, FinTech and Business conferences for exporters.

For conferences, we do the following type of translation services:

  • Wellcome pack translation, including program and schedule
  • Translation of presentations
  • Subtitling
  • Registration websites
  • Other documents.


We provide translation services in the following language pairs:

  • From English to Russian
  • From English to Ukrainian
  • From English to Polish
  • From Polish to Russian
  • From Polish to Russian to Ukrainian
  • From Russian into Polish
  • From Ukrainian into Polish

All our linguists are native speakers of target languages and subject matter experts in the field with average ten years experience in the industry.

We do translation of conference materials for:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Study tours
  • Training classes
  • Meetings

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Financial documents translation

Any company has its own set of financial documents and financial contant generated during years of operation.

Now when it comes to international cooperation, investments, mergers and acquisitions processes all these financial documents should be understood by foreign parties and translated into foreign language.

Financial materials translation requires to be accurate, very often in line with local law and regulations and only financial subject matter experts can do the job on the higherst level of quality.

In FinTranslation we specialize in financial translations of the following financial materials:

  • Financial statements
  • Information for shareholders and partners
  • Macroeconomic surveys
  • Audit reports
  • Corporate documentation
  • Loan agreements, leasing agreements, collateral agreements, surety agreements
  • Bank documents
  • Business plans, loan applications
  • Marketing materials on financial services
  • Website content for financial services


We ensure the confidentiality of the information contained in the translated documents.


Our language pairs:

professional translation from English into Russian

professional translation from English into Ukrainian

professional translation from English to Polish

professional translation from Polish into Russian

professional translation from Polish into Ukrainian

professional translation from Ukrainian into Polish

professional translation from Russian into Polish


Why us:

  • professional translation services. All our translators are qualified native speakers who have more than 5 years of experience in the industry (banks, audit companies). All our translators have been tested as for language skills and knowledge of terminology in the subject area.
  • quality control. Every translation passes through internal assessment of quality before sent to the customer. You can read more about quality control in FinTranslation here: Quality Control


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Case study: translation from English into Russian for BZO Magazine

Translation from English into Russian is one of our key language pairs for translation.

Translation from English into Russian BZOFor BZO Magazine project we translated more than 100k words.

BZO Magazine is an online magazine about modern banking technologies and innovations, international practice and the latest trends in retail banking.

Content type for translation: banking sector articles (affluent & private banking).

The scope of the project:
translation and proofreading of articles from English into Russian language.

Wordcount: more than 100 thousand words.


In FinTranslation we do texts and web sites’ translations for financial and banking sectors in the following language pairs:

  • translation from English into Russian, Ukrainian and Polish
  • translated from Polish into Russian and Ukrainian

There are not only linguists in our team, but also subject matter experts in banking, insurance and other industries. Thus, we guarantee professional translation of your content in the context of the industry.


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Why you need a term base when translating your product into foreign language


Product translation into foreign languages. What is a term base and why you need it

When you launch your product into a new market and make translation of its content, it is very important to create term base before starting the translation. Term base creation and its management is one of the basics of high-quality product translation. The absence of the term base could lead to poor-quality translation, which in turn can lead you to substantial image loss.


So, term base creation for your product. What it gives to you:

  1. Homogeneity of product translation. And the ability to control it. If you translate your product into foreign language for the first time, FinTranslation always creates a term base for your project, which we agree with you. Then we use it in the translation process and control the quality during the translation, as well as at the editing stage.


For example, in the term base we agreed that the term “Договор” (“Agreement”) should be translated from Russian into English as “Agreement”. It means that you get translated text in English, in which this term throughout all the text will be translated as “Agreement”. If you have not created base term, then you run the risk of getting translation in which at the beginning of the text “Договор” will be translated as “Treaty”, in the middle of the text as “Agreement” and at the end of the text as “Contract”. If this is one of the key terms of your product you should put it in the term base to use throughout the text one version of its translation.


  1. Homogeneity of product translation across all channels. This concerns mainly website translations, as well as translation of marketing and specialized product documentation. Creation and management of term base allows you to use the same terms in all the channels you use to communicate your product: website, product catalogue, brochures, magazines, etc.


  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you promote your product through the Internet creation of term base is closely connected with selection of keywords for SEO. Before we start website translation, our experts analyze the keywords for you product, which we take into account when preparing term base, and of course, during all the process of translation and editing. Thus, you get not just a website in a foreign language, but effective one, which is optimized for search engines of Google or Yahoo, which will affect the visibility of your website in search results.


We provide services of term base creation and updating free of charge within the framework of product translation project. After the product translation finished term base with the translated product itself is sent to the customer.



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Eight rules for high quality translation

Eight rules for a high quality translation

First, we have to explain what is the meaning of expression “high quality translation”. How the quality is defined?

It is worth noting that the way in which translation quality is defined might depend on content, business purposes and your target audience for the translated text. According to the simplest definition, high quality translation means mistake-free target text and the one that reads naturally. In case of specialised texts, the quality of translation is determined by translation accuracy with an emphasis on specialised terms. In case of corporate documents we consider the specific company’s culture [so called corporate culture] and terminology. In case of marketing materials, translation should be oriented to achieve a specific goal (in this particular case, the translation shall not be literal – it will include phrases, idioms and expressions of the language used by customers in the target market).

No one understands your company and your business objectives better than you do, that is why direct cooperation with the translation agency will guarantee the best quality translation of your product.

Here are some rules that will help you to achieve a high quality translation of your product:

  1. Make sure that the translation (as well as editing and, if necessary, proofreading) will be done by a native speaker. This constitutes the basics of a high quality translation. You should remember that the ability to understand and speak a foreign language does not mean the ability to perform high quality translation. It’s just the basis for translation. High quality of a translation is guaranteed by a translator, who has a thorough knowledge of a grammar and syntax, as well as proficiency of the target language at level that enables him to produce the target text that reads naturally. The text flows smoothly in a target language and does not read as a translation. Only a native speaker translator can provide such a high-quality translation.
  2. Provide your manager from the translation company examples of the previous translations that you find to be satisfactory (or unsatisfactory) in the terms of quality.
  3. Provide your manager from the translation agency a glossary (term base) that is adequate to the business policy of your company. If you don’t have a glossary, create it jointly with the translation agency before starting translation process. This is to ensure you that all specialised terms that refer to your product or business will be translated correctly. And translation agency will be able to check if the terms that appear in any part of the text have been translated properly.
  4. If possible, let translator learn about your product (give him access to trial version of web page, link to the product documentation etc.) to enable him to match translations to the context of the product.
  5. Provide for the translation a high quality text on a source language, because its version on the target language will not become better.
  6. Appoint a person in your company to be responsible for the contact with the translation agency, so that the manager from the translation agency could ask for clarification of details of the product.
  7. Set aside enough time to carry out a translation, because “fast” and “high quality“ are not synonymous.
  8. After completing a translation and when you have your product in final format (web page, document in pdf format etc), send it to the translation agency for proofreading, i.e. to verify the target text in its final version as a product, before presenting it to customers.


In FinTranslation:

  • We offer translation services from English to Polish, Russian and Ukrainian and from Polish, Russian and Ukrainian into English


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LocWorld#28 was one of the important steps in FinTranslation development

Participation in one of the biggest international Conferences LocWorld#28, which took part in Berlin, June 2015, became one of the important steps in FinTranslation development. That helped to define final standards of our services (professional translation services and web-site localization), which meet the interanational standards in translation industry.

Our standards of translation services in FinTranslation are the following:

  • All our translations are done only by native speakers.
  • Besides professional translators and linguists there are also subject matter experts in our team. So you receive translation which is in line with your industry.
  • To ensure quality of our translation services we always use “4 eyes principle”. We always do Editing as a second step of translation and proofreading – as a third one.
  • During all translation process we use CAT tool, which helps track homogeneity of the translation, right usage of terminology and also stores translation memory. It allows to ensure not only the quality of the translation but also saves time and money of our customers in the next projects: you don’t need to waste time for explaining your industry and terminology specifics as we have it already! And also you don’t pay for previously translated words. We calculate the price of translation only for new ones.
  • You don’t need to adjust to us – we take any file formats for the translation (doc, ppt, xls, html, .strings  and others).


In FinTranslation we do professional translation services and web-sites localization from English to Russian and Ukrainian.

We specialize in Financial and Business translations.


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Translation process: 3 steps of professional translation

In FinTranslation we have 3-steps translation process:


Do you remember what you feel when you read any document on foreign language and do not understand the message well enough? The same your customers or partners feel, the ones for whom English is not their native language. Can you lose a part of your business because of it? Translate your documents to the language of your customers.

We are working on everything from short press releases to studies translation.

We always appoint a subject matter expert for a translation – a linguist with deep knowledge of your specific field (after years of experience in it). All our translation are done by native speakers.

For every translation, we work with you in context of special terms, which we store for the future. So for your next project, additional time for explanations of terms, style and outlines of your messages will not be wasted – we already have it all.

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We always apply “4 eyes principle” to provide the quality for translations we do. And we always do editing as a next step of our translation process. At this stage native-speaking editor with deep linguistic skills will do the editing of translation for you to receive clear and fluent translation, that reads like it was originally written in targeted language (and complies with all other requirements, of course).

In case if you get the content translated in-house, we can engage in the content and do editing for you to make sound the translation natural on the targeted language.

We do not do literal translation. We do the intelligent one

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It is all about details. We do proofreading as a third step of our translation services. So when you are ready with the final format of your translated documents (i.e. report, study, magazine made up in pages in pdf format) or your web site, we do proofreading by native-speaking reviews, who live and work in the country where you’ll expose your materials or website, and we’ll make sure it’s reads and sounds right.


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