How we control the quality of translation in FinTranslate?


To control the quality of translation we use the following tools within our translation process:

CAT tools

Using CAT tools in professional translation nowadays is a must-have.

Usage of professional software and investing in innovations differs professional translation agency from the translator working on a freelance basis.

In FinTranslation we use Memsource tool.

How do CAT tools help to improve the quality of translation?

Firstly, let’s not confuse CAT tools with machine translation. The last one is done totally by the machine and not a linguist. The quality of translation done via machine translation is unpredictable.

So, how CAT tools help:

  1. For each customer and project, we create Term base (Glossary) of main terms used in the text. It allows translating the same term the same way (and eliminate cases such as translating “agreement” word at the beginning of the text as «Договор» and in the middle of the text as «Контракт»). It allows to maintain homogeneity of the translation. If you have specific corporate terms to be determined strictly, CAT tool allows to control its usage with proper translation within the whole text.
  2. It creates Translation memory (TM). It is a database which stores translation history with particular customer and topic. How it helps to do your translation better with us:
  • For your next project, additional time for explanations of terms, style, and outlines of your messages will not be wasted – we already have it all.
  • It reduces your costs for translation as you don’t pay for the words which have been already translated before. You pay only for net wordcount.

QA tools

Additionally to CAT software in FinTranslation we use quality assurance tools (QA tools) to ensure the best quality of translation and editing process.

For our translation from English to Russian language, we use Verifika QA tool.

It allows checking formal mistakes, homogeneity of translation, terminology, and spelling.

Education and development of linguists

In FinTranslation we believe in people. We educate linguists on the ongoing basis and measure each linguist’s quality of translation with ongoing mentoring.


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We guarantee the quality of translation in FinTranslation the following way:

  • We work only with qualified native-speaker translators.
  • We offer guarantee on quality. If you reasonably dispute the quality of our translation, we will provide a new version of translation as quickly as possible and at our expense.
  • We treat your information confidentially. All information relating to the translation itself, the content of translation and other information that customer transmits to us during translation process will be treated as completely confidential.