Translation process: 3 steps of professional translation

In FinTranslation we have 3-steps translation process:


Do you remember what you feel when you read any document on foreign language and do not understand the message well enough? The same your customers or partners feel, the ones for whom English is not their native language. Can you lose a part of your business because of it? Translate your documents to the language of your customers.

We are working on everything from short press releases to studies translation.

We always appoint a subject matter expert for a translation – a linguist with deep knowledge of your specific field (after years of experience in it). All our translation are done by native speakers.

For every translation, we work with you in context of special terms, which we store for the future. So for your next project, additional time for explanations of terms, style and outlines of your messages will not be wasted – we already have it all.

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We always apply “4 eyes principle” to provide the quality for translations we do. And we always do editing as a next step of our translation process. At this stage native-speaking editor with deep linguistic skills will do the editing of translation for you to receive clear and fluent translation, that reads like it was originally written in targeted language (and complies with all other requirements, of course).

In case if you get the content translated in-house, we can engage in the content and do editing for you to make sound the translation natural on the targeted language.

We do not do literal translation. We do the intelligent one

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It is all about details. We do proofreading as a third step of our translation services. So when you are ready with the final format of your translated documents (i.e. report, study, magazine made up in pages in pdf format) or your web site, we do proofreading by native-speaking reviews, who live and work in the country where you’ll expose your materials or website, and we’ll make sure it’s reads and sounds right.


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